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Our environment is no longer the Utopia it used to be, it changed. It is under stress and in an unhealthy state. It doesn’t mean that we are doomed. There is still hope of a happy and healthy life. With Ozone Therapy, you can change the way you live in a natural, healthy way. Struggling to shed stubborn fat? Freeze it off! We specialize in helping our clients live a healthier life, naturally.

Hocatt Ozone
A personal ozone steam sauna, in which patients sit with just their head exposed to the air, while their body receives the benefits of an infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, Photon light and oxygen.
Cryo Fatfreeze
Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cell volume by freezing
Massage Chair
The benefits of a massage chair include deep relaxation, reduced blood pressure, a lowering of the pulse rate, and increased metabolism.
Part of living a healthy lifestyle is to look and feel good and there is no better way to look and feel good when your skin is in good condition and you body is functioning optimally. We have creams, capsules & soaps which will help you achieve this goal.

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Hugo Hatting

Hugo Hatting

HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy

"Hi. Thank you so much, you stopped my flu in its tracks with Ozone! I look forward to life again... Great service!!"

"Hi. Vreeslik dankie, jy het my griep in sy spoor gestop met die Osoon! Sien nou weer kans vir die lewe... Puik diens!!"

Ryno Jansen

Ryno Jansen

Massage Chair

"Oh Wow. Where do I start... I feel like a brand new person after that massage session, so relaxing and the room is amazing. Can't wait for my next session."

"Oh Wow. Waar om te begin... Ek voel soos n splinternuwe persoon na daardie massage sessie, so rustig en die kamer is fantasties. Kan nie wag vir my volgende sessie nie."

Louis van der Fyver

Louis van der Fyver


"I'd almost given up on getting rid of my lower tummy fat after giving birth a few months ago, until I started Cryo-Therapy. It's almost all gone! Thank you!"

"Ek het amper opgegee dat ek ooit die vet om my maag gaan verloor nadat ek geboorte gegee het 'n paar maande terug, todat ek begin het met Cryo-Therapy. Nou is dit amper alles weg! Dankie!"

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