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Get the latest home made remedies and tips to help you live a healthy life and stay on top of the world. Naturally!

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It’s time you take care of yourself. Spoil yourself with a pampering session in our sauna, or shed a little fat with fat freezing.

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Health, Wellness and Beauty

Get The Best In Natural Health, Wellness and Beauty

HOCATT™ - Revolutionizing Ozone Therapy

Hocatt Steam Ozone Sauna

Looking for a detox? Do you need extra energy or are you struggling with sleep? Exercise often, and need to give your system a boost?

Ozone Therapy with the HOCATT™ is a revolutionary therapy. It is a multi-functional, natural, and holistic health and beauty system.

 You need it, HOCATT™ can do it!

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Fat-Freezing - Quick and Effective Fat Removal

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Have you ever struggled with diets, exercise, and shedding the last bit of stubborn fat? Don’t struggle anymore!

With Fat-Freezing technology, we target the specific areas to break down fat cells naturally, helping you achieve your goals!

Don’t cut it, Freeze it!

Spoil Yourself A Little

Enjoy a relaxing trip to our wellness centre! Spend time in our ozone sauna, freeze away a size or two, or unwind with a pamper package!

Pensioners And Repeat Clients

  • Ozone Session R330

    Enjoy a relaxing 30 Minute Ozone Sauna Steam session, including CO2, Far-Infrared, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and
    Photon Light therapy.

  • Single FatFreeze R1 025

    Freeze any single area in a single fat-freezing session, targeting your trouble spots. No surgery and no downtime!

  • FastFreeze R1 235

    2 Hours. 4 cups freezing on selected area, incl. RF, Laser-Lipo and Cavitation.


Latest Health, Beauty and Wellness News and Tips

Ozone - Muscle Fatigue
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I've recently starting a very intense exercise and weightlifting route. It's been taking a heavy toll on my body. After my ozone session, I could immediately feel pain relief, and ease of movement.
Ozone - Weight & Detox
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I've been struggling with my weight for a long time. Ozone therapy was recommended to help me detox my overloaded system. We were surprised to see marks on the towel after only my first detox session. I can't wait for the next one!

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