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What is a wellness centre

What is a Wellness Centre?

A Wellness Centre is very similar to a Health Spa. The most important thing to know about a wellness centre is that we strive to help you with your health and beauty needs naturally and holistically.

goals and commitment

Our Goals and Commitment.

We want all our clients to experience an improved quality of life, and better health. But we commit to do it ethically, and using natural, tested therapies and techniques – for your benefit.

why natural wellness

Why Natural Wellness?

At Organies Genoeg, we believe that nature is capable of solving health and wellness problems at the root, where modern medicine focuses only on the symptoms and not the cause.

Natural Wellness: Where Organies Genoeg Began

Organies Genoeg is a Wellness Centre, specializing in Natural and Ozone related therapies. We are a registered Closed Corporation, established in 2010.

Our humble beginnings started from a desperate need to detox and rid myself from a lifetime of heavy metal accumulation and toxin build-up. 
After extensive and expensive detox, and masses of eye-opening information, I found that there is no other way to go. I had to completely change my positive outlook to a more realistic one.

Our environment is no longer the Utopia it used to be; it changed. It’s under stress, and it’s unhealthy – just like we are. Nature and natural wellness seem to be disappearing. 

But that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. There is still hope of a happy and healthy life! By trying to reduce the chemical attack on our bodies, and constantly flushing our system of toxins, we allow our bodies to excel in a challenging environment.

Organies Genoeg: "Organic Enough. It means that we strive to be natural. We want to provide organic therapies provided by nature. No chemicals or pharmaceuticals. We are natural. We are Organic Enough - Organies Genoeg."

We Want To Share Natural Wellness With You

At Organies Genoeg our aim is to assist clients to rid their bodies of toxin build-up. We want to help you live a healthier life by using state of the art technology and techniques at the most affordable prices. We call ourselves a ‘Wellness Centre’ – and, naturally, we focus on your wellness. But it’s much more than that. Physical Health is only one part of ‘wellness’. 

We don’t strive to only target illnesses, but to give your body a natural boost. We want you to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally comfortable, and experience a real improvement in your quality of life.

We’re not a one size fits all office that doles out prescriptions for anything and everything. Instead, we focus on finding the root of what you are struggling with, as an individual. Only then do we get started on your therapy, and improving your life.

At Organies Genoeg we believe that you’re not ‘just’ another client. You are a new family member. Because of that we created a cozy environment where you will feel right at home and relaxed while you enjoy our state of the art treatments. We invite you to join us at our centre, and see what natural wellness is really about.

It's More Than Just Therapy - It's a Lifestyle

It’s important to understand that natural wellness isn’t just a hobby for us – it’s a lifestyle; a philosophy of life. We want to show you how amazing it can make you feel – all we need is thirty minutes!

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Get rid of Stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. Just the power of Cool.

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Home made remedies and tips to help you live a healthy life and stay on top of the world. Naturally!

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