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comrades training

Comrades Training Can Be A Pain!

As most athletes know, you can’t simply decide one day to go and run the Comrades Marathon, skip training, cross your fingers and hope for the best! You have train, train some more, and then train until your muscles start screaming at you in an entirely new language! (But not over-training, of course. That’s a whole other badly peeled banana.)

But all that training has one big, very noticeable side effect… THE PAIN. There will be cramps. There will be muscle aches. Yes, there will definitely be days where you question your sanity.

Training For Comrades the Smart Way.

Now, there are many reasons why you might suffer from muscle aches and cramps. The most common reasons are; over use of a muscle, dehydration, stress, muscle strain, holding a position for a prolonged period of time, inadequate blood supply, vitamin/ mineral deficiency or in severe cases it can be due to an underlying medical condition.

But the worst is the cramps and aches that prevent you from training! So what can you do?

comrades training

Here are a few home techniques you can try:

  • If muscle spasms persist, it is best to rest the area for a few minutes. Don’t force your body into mobility.
  • Apply an ice pack to the area in question. Keep it iced for a few minutes and then relieve.
  • Gently stretch the muscles. Do not over work them.
  • Do not pick up anything heavy as this can irritate the muscle further.
  • Make sure you get enough calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium in your diet.

You can also opt for Ozone Therapy when experiencing muscle spasms. Ozone therapy is well suited for all types of people especially those who exercise on a regular basis. Ozone therapy breaks up lactic acid, increases cellular respiration in muscles, speeds up recovery of damaged tissue and accelerates growth of muscle, improves blood circulation, fights inflammation, viruses and bacteria and ozone improves vitamin and mineral absorption.

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