Exercising and Hydration

exercising and hydration

Staying Hydrated Before, During and After Exercise .

Exercising and hydration go hand in hand. Health experts recommend that an average person drinks a minimum of 2 liters of water daily so that the body stays hydrated, as published at Health Line website. The human body constitutes 60% of water and it’s lost continuously through urine and sweat. Drinking enough water when exercising hydrates your body and prevents muscle spasms. Hydrating yourself is crucial for your overall health and athletic performance. Therefore, to improve your performance, take the necessary steps to stay hydrated before, during and after working out.

Why Hydration is Important Before Working Out

Before you begin to work out, you can plan out a well-balanced diet that provides your body with enough energy. Always remember that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Therefore, ensure that you drink a lot of water and fluids, in general, to hydrate your body before working out. When you’re taking part in a race, consider some vital racing tips like drinking lots of water days before the event. Monitor the color and quantity of your urine. A pale yellow to clear urine indicates that your body is well hydrated.

exercising and hydration

Hydrating During Workout

Each person has unique exercising and hydration needs depending on their age, gender, and body size. Estimate the amount of water your body requires during a workout session by taking your body weight before and after completing the exercise. Carry water bottles with you during workouts. It’s advisable to strategically time your water breaks taking in small sips to avoid reflux or discomfort that can result from taking vast amounts of water at once. In between the sessions, you can include sports drinks to replace the lost electrolytes and other minerals from your body.

The electrolytes contained in sports drinks not only add energy to your body but also help the body to absorb fluids quicker. Besides, the weather can also affect your water consumption and the overall hydration in your body.

Post-Workout Hydration

When you complete the working out session, continue drinking water. You might weigh yourself to get the approximate amount of water that has been lost during exercise. Fitness experts suggest that you can take double the amount of the body fluids lost. However, for you to get the correct assessment if your body is hydrated enough, monitor your urine color. Once more until it turns to pale yellow or clear. Athletes who do strenuous exercises such as weightlifting. They can add protein and carbonated sports drinks to help the muscles heal and replace the lost nutrients.

Staying hydrated when working out reduces the risk of you getting muscle cramps and other health issues due to dehydration. Therefore, ensure you drink water regularly before, during and after working out. The above tips can help you to do so.

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