Diana Biederman Talks About Ozone Therapy

Diana Biederman

When it comes to beauty bloggers, Diana Biederman is one of the most widely read bloggers from Florida in the States. And if there’s one thing Diana isn’t afraid of, it’s trying new things. Whether it’s health, beauty, natural, well-known or just downright weird, she’s your explorer. Being the fearless explorer of all things beauty that she is, Diana jumped at the chance to try the HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy machine when a friend invited her.

If you Google the HOCATT™ , you’ll find that wellness centres like Organies Genoeg, offer sessions on the machine. These sessions are to treat various ailments, ranging from athletic injuries to immune-system bolstering for critically ill patients.

So what is HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy, you ask? Well, it’s an acronym for starters: Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy. In plain English, people-speak, it’s basically a one-person chamber that blasts you with a cray-cray amount of health-restoring ozone. Think of ozone as a super ramped-up form of oxygen. It’s good for us, big-time.

“Going in with an open mind, I wanted to evaluate this strictly as a feel-and-look better treatment. With the exception of mosquito bites covering my body, plus stress from the 17” of rain pummeling my area of SWFL, there wasn’t anything specific plaguing me – at least that I’m aware of,” said Diana.

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The HOCATT™ Experience

As we do at Organies Genoeg – and as any centre should – Diana was served ozonated and detoxified water. It’s important to hydrate before your session. That’s because you’re going to be sweating during your
HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy session – A LOT!

Diana very accurately describes the machine as a pod. It fuses steam-delivered ozone with carbonic acid, and whole body hyperthermia therapy from the neck down. Want to spice things up? As to add aromatherapy to the mix with some wonderful essential oils. You also get to experience Photon LED Light therapy: violet (calming), indigo (eyes, ears and nose benefits), blue (fights bacterial infections), green (fights colds, flu) yellow (boosts mental concentration) orange (opens up your respiratory system) and red (rejuvenates).

Be careful when getting in! The doors aren’t for holding on to, but we can help you get settled. And ozonated steam isn’t all you can get with a session! With over 133 various frequency therapies, you can be sure you’ll get a good bang for your buck.

Diana ads,

“She added that ‘Hocatting’ my vajayjay was an option, and I thought, if Gwyneth can steam hers, I will one-up that and ozone mine. [My practitioner] unwrapped a sterile rubber tube from its packaging, which I was instructed to insert about a half-inch inside me. I then placed my feet upon metal electrotherapy slats, and as if holding a jump rope, wrapped my hands around metal frequency generators. [My practitioner] closed the pod and placed a towel around my neck to prevent the steam from escaping. Once I was comfortable, [My practitioner] then placed a nasal cannula (which looked like a headphone) horizontally atop the machine opposite my face to deliver humidified oxygen benefiting my breathing passages.”

Yes, ladies, that is an option!

But What Happened After The HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy?

According to Diana, the 30 minute session flew by. It left her mind focused and her body relaxed, and her skin moisturized. But that’s just part of her experience. Aside from receiving no mosquito bites, despite the fact that she seems to be a mosquito magnet, she continues with this glowing testimonial:

“Reader, I felt amazing. And for the first time in years, slept without my friend Benadryl. I understand why [my friend] purchased one. Reportedly it also burns 600-800 calories per session.”

So are you ready to look and feel great? Book your session now!

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