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Do You Want To Know If Ozone Can Help You?

We went ahead and gathered some information for you. Here is a list of articles, research, testimonials and news with links for information about Ozone Therapy, and how it can help you.

A Comprehensive List of Illnesses Treatable By Ozone Therapy – General Reference

ALS (Lou Gehrig disease)

Treating Macular Degeneration to Mitigating ALS to General Wellness –  HOCATT™ Testimonial

Alzheimer’s disease

Stopping Alzheimer’s in it’s Tracks – Research Article. (secondnaturecare.com)


The Politics of AIDS and Ozone – Research Article. (oxygenhealingtherapies.com)

Bacterial Pneumonia

Administration of Medical Ozone – Research Article. (austinozone.com)


Medical applications of ozone for the rehabilitation of the patients presenting with chronic bronchitis and arterial hypertension. – Research Article. (pubmed.gov)

Bronchopulmonary aspergillus

Inactivation of Aspergillus spp. by Ozone Treatment – Research Article. (academia.edu)

Cancer of all types

Medical Ozone and Cancer – Research Article. (oxygenhealththerapies.com)


Ozone as the Sole Treatment for Bacterial Infection. – Researsh Article. (secondnaturecare.com)

Chronic pain

Ozone therapy for low back pain. A systematic review. – Research Article. (pubmed.gov)

The usefulness of ozone treatment in spinal pain. – Research Article. (NCBI)


Ozone Therapy in the Comprehensive Treatment of Diabetic Foot Syndrome. – Research Article. (biomedpharmajournal.org)

Ozone Therapy Diabetes. – Research Article. (ozonehospital.com)


Treating Chronic Eye Disease Using Ozone. – Research Article. (healingtheeye.com)


The role of ozone therapy in maintaining the articular function and in relieving the pain for patients with knee osteoarthritis. – Research Article. (researchgate.net)

Heart disease

The orthodox therapy of cardiovascular diseases integrated by ozone-therapy is able to normalize the redox system. – Research Article. (semanticscholar.org)

Herpes of all types

Ozone therapy: An innovative solution to patients with herpes zoster. – Research Article. (pubmed.gov)


OZONE, NITRIC OXIDE, AND AVIAN INFLUENZA: Preliminary theoretical considerations and possible therapeutic directions. – Research Article. (ozoneinmedicine.com)

Krohn’s disease

Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis. Research Article. (eveolvewithdesera.com)


Dihan Stemmet – Acute Lypmhoblastic Leukemia. Testimonial. (onemindbodysoul.co.za)

Lyme disease

Treat Lyme Disease with Ozone Therapy. – Research Article. (healthbunker.co.uk)


Healing Difficult Chronic Diseases with Ozone Therapy. – Article. (lifeworkswellnesscenter.com)


The Effect of Ozone on Plasmodium Falciparum-Infected Red Blood Cells. – Research Article. (semanticscholar.org)


Clinical utility of ozone therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. – Research Article. (NCBI)


Ozone Therapy for Sinus Infections. Research Article. (trulyheal.com)

Skin burns

Effect of Ozone Therapy Dressing Technique on the Healing Process of Recent 2nd Degree Burns. – Research Article. (semanticscholar.org)

Skin Diseases

Various Modes of Ozone-Oxygen Gas Mixture Application in Patients with Eczema. – Research Article. (ozoxin.com)

Mechanisms of action involved in ozone-therapy in skin diseases. – Research Article. (pubmed.gov)

15 Surprising Benefits Of Ozone Therapy. – Article. (womenandhomemagazine.co.za)

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