Protect Yourself And Prepare For The Coronavirus

protect and prepare for coronavirus

Though the world has come to a standstill, life as we know it goes on. There are measures you can take to protect and prepare for Coronavirus.

At the time of this article, the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide. Currently there are 859,032 confirmed cases and 42,322 dead. In South Africa, there are 1,353 cases confirmed. So far we’ve only had 5 deaths, according to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) map.

There is no doubt that Coronavirus is here, and it’s spreading fast. Older citizens are most vulnerable. That’s especially true for those with underlying health conditions, or those who don’t have a social safety net.

This is very important: Don’t go into a panic state. With some simple tips and a clear head, you can help reduce your risk, protect and prepare for Coronavirus. Do your part to protect your family and others.

Stay at home, if you can

Be extra careful even if you have no underlying health conditions or symptoms to protect other people.

Do not get close to other people

“Social distancing” or “Physical distancing” are the words they are using. It’s a call to stand far away from other people. You should try to keep 1 meter between yourself and other people. Why? The coronavirus travels through droplets, so limiting your exposure to other people is a good way to protect yourself.

Avoid the use of public transportation when possible. Limit yourself to travel only for emergencies or food. Try to work from home and avoid social gatherings. You don’t want to infect your friends, would you?

I understand that this might be hard to follow for some, especially for those who aren’t able to work from home. It’s worth mentioning that there are many people who contract coronavirus but don’t become seriously ill. But being arrogant and ignoring it is not only foolhardy but will endanger those around you.

If you have or develop a high fever, suffer from shortness of breath, or other serious symptoms, call your doctor. Unfortunately, testing for coronavirus is still inconsistent. There aren’t enough kits, and it’s very dangerous to go into a doctor’s office and risk infecting others. Check the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal website and your local health department for advice about how and where to be tested.

Don’t stockpile masks

Reports tell that wearing a non N95 mask, provides no protection against airborne Covid 19 particles. We get that! It does however prevent the wearer of spreading the virus. See we don’t know who is already infected and who’s not, therefore wearing one shows that you care about ‘flattening the curve’….

We are all burdened by the same international confusion, so why not consider others, wear a mask when leaving your place of isolation and when in contact with others (and by others I mean those you are not living with during lock-down). Super Heroes wear masks all the time…

Health care workers are on the front lines. Last month, there has been a call to the public to stop stockpiling masks, warning that it might limit the amount of resources available to doctors, nurses and emergency professionals.. So hand out piled up masks to persons you see not wearing one in public.

Stock up on groceries, medicine and resources

Being prepared during this time is the best way to protect your family and loved ones. We have no idea if the lock down will be extended or not. Should this happen, don’t be that person that goes into a “panic buy” state. Grocery shops are open! Be smarter and stock up on a 30-day supply of groceries and household supplies, just in case.

If you have any prescription medications, or are low on any over-the-counter essentials, go to the pharmacy sooner rather than later.

And, in no specific order, check if you have enough soap, toiletries, laundry detergent, toilet paper and diapers, if you have small children.

If you are the kind of person worried that there will not be food available…. Start a vegetable garden..!!! You have time to do it…

Ozone – an alternative therapy

We’ve recently done a post on how Ozone therapy can help you strengthen your immune system and fight the coronavirus.

We are open during the lock down period, as a medical service, and are offering discounted ozone sessions.

If you’re interested in a session, contact us to make a booking. Remember to stay healthy and safe!

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