Skin Health: 12 of The Best Foods For Your Skin


When it comes to your skin health, nutrition is of utmost importance. Neglecting nutrition, and an unhealthy diet can cause you to gain weight, damage your metabolism and even hurt your liver and heart.

Remember, whatever you eat also impacts the layer that protects you from the elements. You guessed it – Your skin.

Food For healthy Skin

12 of the best foods to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

1. Fatty Fish

Herring, Mackerel and Salmon are known as fatty fish. They possess a great source of Omega-3 which helps maintain your skin health. This makes them excellent foods for healthy skin.

A deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids are a major cause of dry skin. Ensuring that you get enough Omega-3 fatty acids will keep your skin moisturised, supple and thick. It even helps with inflammation that cause acne and redness and makes your skin less sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. Fish also provides the body with zinc to regulate inflammation and producing new skin cells which makes it a vital mineral for overall skin health. Having a zinc deficiency is not recommended and can lead to skin inflammation, legions and delay healing of wounds.

2. Avocados

Avocados have a high amount of healthy fats that can benefit your body, including your skin health.

Getting enough of these healthy fats are essential to keeping your skin flexible and moisturized. Avocados contain a compound that even protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays that cause wrinkles and ageing.

Avocados have a high amount of vitamin E. This is important as the antioxidants help protect your skin from oxidative damage. Vitamin E combined with vitamin C is more effective together in contributing to healthy skin.


Walnuts contain essential fatty acids that our bodies can’t produce. They also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, more than any other nuts. Other nutrients that walnuts offer is necessary for your skin to function properly and stay healthy.

Sunflower Seeds

Good sources of skin boosting nutrients are found in most nuts and seeds. Sunflower seeds are also a source of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant for our skin.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of Beta-carotene, which is a nutrient found in plants. Beta-carotene can also be found in oranges and in vegetables like carrots, sweet potato and spinach. Beta-carotene also acts as a natural sunblock for your skin.

Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

Also, an excellent source of Beta-carotene, like sweet potatoes. Your body uses Beta-carotene, converting it into vitamin A. They also have a large amount of vitamin C, the vitamin needed to create protein collagen to keep your skin firm and strong.


Broccoli has many minerals and vitamins to promote better skin health. That includes Zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C. Broccoli is a source of lutein and works the same as beta-carotene to keep your skin from drying out or wrinkling.


High in vitamin C, including lycopene and all other major carotenoids. Because tomatoes contain all these nutrients, they’re an excellent food for maintaining healthy skin. By pairing carotenoid foods with a source of fat like cheese, you get a greater benefit. This is because these fat sources help with the absorption of carotenoids.


Isoflavones, which are found in soybeans, have shown to protect your skin from UV damage and improve collagens, skin dryness, skin elasticity and wrinkles.

Dark Chocolate

If there has ever been a reason to eat chocolate, here it is: The effects of cocoa on your skin are astonishing. It can protect your skin from sunburn, because of the number of antioxidants it contains that improve hydration, blood flow, skin thickness, skin texture and wrinkles.

Green Tea

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called catechins. They can help protect your skin against sun damage, reduce redness, and improve skin hydration, thickness and elasticity.

Red Wine

Believe it or not, red wine contains the famous antioxidant resveratrol. It slows the ageing process of your skin by impairing harmful free radicals that can damage your skin.

The Bottom Line

The health of your skin greatly depends on what you eat. Make sure that your body is getting enough essential nutrients so that it can protect your skin. The foods mentioned above are excellent options to consider if you are looking at keeping your skin looking healthy, strong and attractive.

Ozone and healthy-looking skin

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